It’s a dog’s life… remember it!

Do you do dogs?  Yes! I do do dogs…

2014-01-08 21.26.46I have written before about living with ‘our dog‘; “one can’t help noticing the warmth of a living creature when it sleeps on your lap. When he looks for attention. When he shows ‘signs’ of affection. When he identifies with you … you feel closer to nature, more alive…”

So photos… Whether you’d like bespoke pictures taken of your little buddy, or if you have prints that you’d like improved – a lot is possible!

Just give me a call or get in touch here:
Jules P Richards

You can see here a few projects that I’ve completed below; Fly, Kite, Rigsby and Bracken…

In the cases below, I have been asked to take a selection of new shots, and I have reworked them for use as canvas prints, framed prints and birthday cards etc.

If I can help with some new shots/prints of your little (or big) buddy, just let me know!

Kite and Fly – Cornish working Cockers
Rigsby – A fine old, nay mature, chocolate Lab.
Bracken – a loveable Spaniel / Poodle (Cockapoo)

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(of course all this helps keep the other ‘dog‘ in its place).