Come on you blues!

BlueYouA celebration of ‘the blues’ – euphoric, enchanting and rapturous; far from ‘the blues’ that lots of us struggle with.

Currently, in Leicestershire, we have celebrations going on, in support of the local football team’s phenomenal success in English football’s Premier League. Everyone’s wearing blue!

Leicester City, ‘The Foxes’, ended the 2014-15 season avoiding relegation from what seemed a hopeless position. At the start of this season avoiding relegation was a primary aim – odds for Leicester to win the league (LOL) were 5000 to 1.  However every game this season has brought a drop in odds, a vibrancy to supporters, and a positive mood in the city (and county).  Now, after 35 games, the odds on Leicester winning are 1 to 5 that’s an 83% chance they will win! Their team performances are riveting, skilful, entertaining and winning! But, it’s not over till the large lady sings! As they say. Is that what it’s about?  It’s not over till the final act of the opera! Theatre!

‘roar of the crowd’

I enjoy watching some sports for the theatre of it!  I have nothing against the fanatical support of a sport, in fact, I applaud the faith supporters have in their teams – people invest a lot of emotion and money in their chosen sport and team.  This dedication often pays off when a team wins and the emotional investment is repaid.  The roar of the crowd is palpable –  Leicester’s ‘roar of the crowd’ was recorded by a seismometer installed by the British Geological Survey 500m from King Power Stadium; a tremor with a magnitude of 0.3 was recorded when Foxes fans reacted to a final goal against Norwich, in February. The tremor was attributed to the crowds “sudden energy release”. It was labelled the “Vardy Quake” after striker Jamie Vardy.

The roar of the crowd. The smell of the greasepaint – or footballs, ale, snacks, colourful synthetic tops – nostalgia?


For me, it’s the ‘theatre’ of the events and the spectatorship (the being part of ‘it’) that gives me and many of us a buzz!  At the event, the emotion and energy can be physically ecstatically phenomenal. Even once or twice removed from the action; watching on a screen or even just on the radio; the experience can be remarkable and reactions can be euphoric, enchanting and rapturous.

We may not always be the action, but the theatre of our lives is there for us all to invest in, to soak up, to be part of! I think one of the most common comments I’m hearing about Leicester’s performance is “it’s unbelievable!”.

Suspend disbelief and soak it up!  And celebrate your blues!

Down with the crooked, the deceitful, “every tale condemns a villain”.  All power to the heroes and heroines that keep hope and life alive!

Whether blue, orange, green or incandescent, bring on the next act I say!