Peace Like a river…

After a few days, nay weeks, where everything seemed to be yet more dry stones turned over to find yet more lifeless dust, life goes on.

Conversations with some individuals and the dearth of hope seemed darker then Dolcoath.
Thankfully eventually, a few more conversations with some other choice people and life truly goes on.

“The interaction between things is what makes things fecund”! (a favourite idea from Wallace Stevens)
Keep going! It can take more than one spark of the flint to get a fire going. Don’t let the bar stewards get you down.

From a dearth and emptiness can eventually come a peace like a river… I think we cannot create it we can only accept it.

Thanks people; you know who you are.

From the most barren of dry thirsts, and the dustiest emptiness can come peace, growth, and refreshing hope. This is usually engendered by people and a desire to realise Love…
Isaiah 66:12 , I extend peace to her like a river… As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you…


I felt the stream in a desert, and had to sketch together an image…