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Missed a birthday… 3250miles / 12mths.

It was two years ago, May 2011, that I purchased my Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc 2011.


Here’s an update on the bike’s needs so far…

  • If you are commuting you really need to carry ‘stuff’, hence a multi-purpose the rack on the back for my two panniers.
  • You also need decent mudguards if you want to stay relatively dry and clean. Not an easy fit on this bike but my workaround has worked well to-date.
  • Even in the day, I use a Serfas ‘True 250′ USB front light. A nights charge last me a week. I consider it invaluable. Both to be seen coming in the daylight and to light your way in the dark.
  • And my rear light is a strong CatEye TL-LD1100. Rechargeable batteries last a good while.
  • Another essential, and I can’t recommend it enough, is a decent bell. I now have a Widek Chrome Ding dong Bell 80mm and In my opinion anyone cycling among pedestrians or city streets should have one fitted as standard.
  • Another good idea are reflective spoke thingies, they stand out when any light shines on them.
  • For a birthday, I was gifted a Brooks Flyer Special. A little extravagant but nice!
  • Of course there’s the daily banana for fuel!

Over these 2 years, the bike’s needed various replacement parts;

  • After 7 months it needed a new chain and cassette.
  • After 14 months I replaced Specialized Borough Xc Sport Tyre 700×45 with 700x32mm Schwalbe Durano Plus. These tyres have been fantastic over the last 10mths.
  • After 15 months the considerably worn SunTour/SRAM chain set (ring, chain and cassette) was replaced with a Shimano megarange CS HG41.
  • After 1 year 7 mths the stock back wheel rim cracked and freewheel was worn. The replacement tough new Mavic rim has been good to date.
  • After 1 year 11mths, the bike had a April 2013 full spring chemical clean, and full service.

It get’s quite a pelting from 15 miles around daily commute through all weathers, and very poor road surface. It picks up a lot of crud off the road, especially in winter. Despite this, last August’s chainset etc is still up for another 6 months+ hopefully.

Since the service, the bike is riding really well…

Here’s the stats

I started recording my rides on my old bike back in Feb. 2011.

  • I totalled 3051 miles recorded over first 12 months riding. (Feb ’11 – Feb ’12)
  • Over the last year, June ’12 through May ’13, I have ridden about 3250 miles.