Julian Richards and Public Libraries

For 16 years I worked for ‘Bookmark People‘ and produced hundreds of bespoke library bookmark campaigns for public libraries throughout the country.
These ranged from small projects for individuals at localised sites, to large campaigns for overarching organisations such as local authorities, Welsh Libraries, The Reading Agency, The Society of Chief Librarians and Scottish Libraries and other regional bodies.
You can read some testimonials here: testimonials


Early in 2016, due to lack of support and sponsorship, the ‘Bookmark People‘ company ‘Central Community Press Ltd.’ called it a day.

However, libraries, readers and books still love bookmarks!
People love books#LoveLibraries and love their bookmarks.

Bookmarks are gifted, taken home by readers and read in a receptive environment.

From bananas to World War One, children’s designs to puzzling puzzles… bookmarks get taken home!

You can see all  my ‘Bookmark People’ work here ‘Bookmark People
I have also featured some of the work on this blog ‘library


5 minutes with God

In a past life… I created bookmarks for Bookmark People. Bookmark People are no longer trading.

The bookmarks below have been updated! Here: ‘Five Mindful Minutes’

Printed full-colour double-sided on 350gsm silk artboard. Boxed and delivered to one UK address. 


The text reads:

5 minutes with God…
Sit down comfortably, feet flat on the floor.

  • For one minute, just be still: relax your muscles, calm your breathing, listen.
  • For one minute, remember something you are grateful for. Say thank-you to God for it, and be sure that God is happy for you.
  • For one minute, remember something you regret. Say sorry to God for it, and be sure that God forgives you.
  • For one minute, think of some good thing you would like for another person. Ask God for it. If what you want just isn’t possible, God will still use your prayer to bless that person.
  • For one minute, think of some good thing you would like for
    yourself. Ask God to show you if it’s right for you, and listen for
    the answer. God seeks to guide you…
  • May the peace of God be with you.

Original text by: Moira Biggins – NEMACT

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