Post-siestal aims…

A siesta: a short sleep taken in the early afternoon, usually because the climate is hot – it’s taken as a break or time-out from the heat of the day. It also relates to a break after a heavy intake of food at a midday main meal.

If you’re like me then your days might often include heavy intakes and the heat of daily doings.

Yes, a change is as good as a rest, but occasionally a true break from our ongoing daily deliberations cannot be bettered!

Thanks to my wife, we were recently lucky enough to make the most of a break away in the sun.

Akamas Peninsula Cyprus
Akamas Peninsula Cyprus

Post-siesta observations:

While away for 10 days ‘time-out’ in our sunny suspension, among many other things, I appreciated the below:

  • No digital distractions – twitter, farcebook, email, etc

  • No drip-fed music – bbc, or any other more vibrant popcorn, etc

  • A remove from habitual routines: imbibing socialmeja frippery, tracking cycle-rides, surfing the net, watching tripe on the box etc

  • Refocusing and adjusting perspectives on habitual activities, worldview/s, mindset, social sphere etc.

Yes, all of the above has it’s place, just as popcorn and sherbet might have it’s occasional place on a saturday night. But, for the foreseeable future:

  • I aim to prune down who I ‘follow’ on twitter

  • I aim to considerably ignore, to the point of not using, the demigod ‘farcebook’

  • I aim to not “wake up to” the BBC or other piped stupefery

  • I aim to not compulsively track routine cycle rides, and not wear ‘cycle clothing’

  • I aim to be more selective of what’s being fed to me via ‘the box’ and boxlike tablets

  • I aim to review personal ‘community’

  • I aim to remember the sights, sounds, and smells of our 10 day siesta