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…5 days, 80 miles, on a single charge…

So, I have been using a pedelec bike for three months now. It takes a bit of getting used to. Initially there’s the guilt of not having to use as much effort as a normal bike. But you get over that, after a few windy, rainy, or less desirable cycling days. Just let the motor assist you! 

I previously commuted on a normal bike daily for more than 10 years, and my body’s not getting any younger. Hence the assistance.

But, you do still have to put the effort in. It’s only a “pedal assist” bike – the motor assists you at a % of the effort you are putting in (courtesy of a clever built-in computer).

With the Bosch Active Line Plus; in ECO mode the motor assists you with +40% of your effort. TOUR mode assists with +100% of your effort, SPORT +180% and TURBO +270% (I’ve never used TURBO in ernest, yet).

To quote Bosch, “The motor output depends on the pedaling force you apply. If you apply less force, you will receive less assistance than if you apply a lot of force. The eBike drive automatically switches off at speeds over 15.5mph”

There’s a handy eBike Range Assistant here: Range Assistant

But the reason for this post is to document my actual experience of a 500WH battery’s performance to date.

I have consistently found the below to be true, this is a record of the week at the end of March 2023.

The morning temperature has been between ~5-9°c, returning at 10-15°c.

The ride is relatively flat, with slight inclines. It has patches of stop/start bends and obstructions – this affects battery use as you tend to use more getting back to normal ~14 – 17mph speeds.

It’s a 8 mile each way commute, and I keep it in ECO for 90+% of the way.

After a full ~5hour charge the computer initially says anything between 100-80 miles potential range in ECO mode.

See below, on Monday it initially read 85 miles range (in ECO) and by the time I got into work it read 66 miles, suggesting 19 miles use over an 8 mile ride.

However, on the Tues, Weds & Thurs rides home I actually gained potential miles range between work and home, I can only guess this is due to wind-assistance, extra effort put in, ambient temperature… etc? 

Monday ride in: 85-66, 19 miles used over the 8 mile stretch
Monday return: 66-60, 6 miles used
Tuesday ride in: 60-45, 15 miles used
Tuesday return: 45-50, 5 miles range gained!
Wednesday ride in: 50-35, 15 miles used
Wednesday return: 35-37, 2 miles range gained.
Thursday ride in: 37-20, 17 miles used
Thursday return: 20-22, 2 miles gained.
Friday ride in: 22-12, 10 miles used
Friday return: 12-3, 9 miles used (poor route in the dark through town)

This is the first time in 3 months that I have risked 5 days on a single charge, but it has performed as suggested on day one; 80 miles over 5 days on a full charge. I usually recharge after 3 or 4 days use.

So, onwards.

Perhaps commuting by bike is an option for you.

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