What’s in a title… ?

I’ve been making a list of the stories I have read over recent years. I am not a big reader, but enjoy the random process of discovering new characters and encounters.

Why do we read fiction? I have written plenty about the benefits of reading for pleasure. But, I wonder, where does all that data go? How nutritious can reading fiction be?

Some stories I have read have had characters I remember fondly, some titles were vibrant at the time, but I cannot remember the story at all now. Sometimes the events in the stories are real and tangible, but as time passes this seems to fade.

It seems the library angel sometimes delivers the right book at the right time (which is nonsense, but is a nice thought). More realistically, our brain seems to link up past and current thoughts and feelings, join dots, and equate meaning and pattern from chaos and confusion.

The act of reading fiction helps emulate meaning behind the concepts and notions that life throws at us. But how much we invest, digest and reflect from the experience is up to us I guess.


Anyway, above are some of titles that I have enjoyed over recent years… not sure what this says about me… but here’s a link to a list, if you’re that interested;

List of fiction titles and authors that I’ve enjoyed.

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This is a wonderful post , thank you, Jules. I have just had the enormous pleasure of hearing stories from people whose lives have been totally transformed by reading at a conference on Reading in Prisons. I know the power of reading in my life as it works in so many different ways to help me make sense of my relationship with the rest of the world and. most crucially, myself! I use reading as a guide, revelatory and consoling but to hear from people who never had chances in life to discover peace or wholeness testify to the world opened up before them, a lifeline, a key to freedom and strength was thrilling. Give a Book is the charity alongside Prison Reading Groups which I support and soon I will be in a new volunteer job with Shannon Trust helping people in prison to teach their friends how to read. I’m very excited as you can imagine.

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