Contact Cards – ‘Chaplaincy’

Still a great way to start conversation…

Contact cards… “You talk, we’ll listen…”

Sometimes it’s good to just talk it out.

Many of us live a cluttered life, and juggling thoughts and emotions can prove challenging. A neutral shoulder and someone who might just be there to just listen can sometimes be just the tonic needed. 

A pal of mine spends time as a chaplain at a midlands shopping centre. Yes, those hard-working shop workers might need respite or solace too. 

Hope – Open – Shop – Hope – A springtime message…

“You talk, we’ll listen…” says the chaplaincy which provides a confidential, pastoral listening service.
The service is free for centre staff experiencing anxiety, grief, stress, struggling with illness, difficult decisions or overwhelmed by life.
It’s someone who will listen without judgement…

My small role has been to design some contact cards to spread the word. Interaction and leaving your details is still a great way to start conversations.

The last six months has seen three postcard-sized card drops.

The service started last year.
They dropped off a seasonal postcard in December.
And are delivering a Springtime thank you this month.

If you have a need for print publicity, if I can help, just ask.

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