Sign Language – revisited

But we need some form of meaning…

Where am I? I just wanted to revisit this little project/exercise I started back in July 2020; a study I’ve called Sign Language below:

It’s very me… though to others might seem like nonsense, to me resonates still – can you hear the reverberations?

Language and our cultural behaviour controls our consumption, what we eat and drink, when we work and create, or relax and holiday, it chooses what and how we love. It takes our wealth and builds monuments to its glory. Our culture is there at birth, death, & every important time between. It consumes all it can, and our culture discards what’s not needed.
Our cultural ‘Images’ breed ‘Assumptions’, which in turn create ‘Motivations’… I AM…

As a student of Art and Performance, with a view to creating and ‘discovering more’, I was taught to deconstruct. Deconstruction is useful, it helps us to discover the links between the ‘object’, the ‘subject’, and it’s ‘meanings’. But deconstruction can leave us with piles… piles of stuff that mean little. Stuff without value.

But we need some form of meaning, we need purpose…

By julesprichards

Anchoring in the shire, with family, friends, coffee and cheese… always looking…

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