It’s mid summer -ish and after a lot of hard work, things bear fruit.

Working in a school support role, I admire, from a distance, the work that teachers and classroom staff do. They are at the sharp end (and occasionally blunt end) of education. I am told, and can see, the work is extremely rewarding, but I can also see it’s not for the faint hearted. It can be a challenging environment. I applaud everyone who takes up the classroom role. Keep up the good work. Good work produces good-ness.

After noticing the local allotments over the last year, I have been thinking about the growth and abundance that nature creates… life in fullness.

Syston Allotments – in the heart of England

A lot of dedication hard work is put into these allotments.

Whatever we start with might grow to a certain extent. We can feed, nurture, train, guide, prune, cultivate… and… life bears fruit.

Life is what happens during the growing…
What do we feed on?
Where do we reach towards?
Where do our roots hold?
When do we rest, when do we stretch?
What to control, when to let go…

…fruit is a consequence.

Our daily decisions and contemplations might be… how do we encourage or tend to the ‘growing’?

What fruit do we want in/for our world?

A tree is known by its fruit; a person by their deeds. A good deed is never lost; those who sow courtesy reap friendship, and those who plant kindness gather love.Basil

…plus, after good fruit, might come wine (or vinegar)!

Happy Summer!

Syston Allotments – in the heart of England

By julesprichards

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