A covenant…

An agreement between people to do or not do something specific.

I’m currently reading ‘Logging Off’ by Nick Spalding, where midlife man ‘Andy’ starts a sixty-day digital detox. Andy sort of makes a covenant with himself to do stuff differently. It’s amusing, I’ll let you know if it’s life changing.

But, it’s the subject of renewing a Covenant, that Methodist people entertain once a year, usually in January.

I recently produced some postcards for the Borders Circuit of the Meth Church, an idea from Rev. Pete Taylor.

The postcards show a reminder of the traditional Methodist Covenant Prayer on one side and a revised newer version on t’other.

If you can make use of some, I’d be happy to edit the artwork with your details/logo etc and supply a cost effective print quote. Or I could send you the artwork if you’d like to print them yourself. Just send me a message.

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