A friend asked me to think about an image for sharing, that evokes hope, life, renewal…?

At this time when constructs and assumptions we have relied on and perhaps taken for granted, what gives us hope?

I asked a few people, and a common response seemed to be nature and the beauty of creation. “Nature; birds, clouds, fresh green grass, new leaves showing on trees, fresh flowers emerging from the leaf litter, a new cycle of life”. I agree. But, the hope of nature might be questionable in the light of current biological natural events.

An overwhelming response was that hope could be seen in our children. I guess it’s the innocence, optimism, and energy they reflect. Someone said “Children of all different colours, races, creeds, coming together to make the world a better place”.  That would be nice.

Others again focused on nature; Springtime, Sunrise (hope of a new day), Rainbows….just something about them! Flowers/greenery. Birdsong. My dog. A chrysalis. Chocolate. The sun. Blue sky and sunshine. Tulips. Music. Singing. Grace. The promise of Spring. Memories. Stars at night?

One person said, knowing that bad things don’t last forever… (like my singing)

Perhaps what all these things have in common is energy!

All of the above are hope-filled pictures of growth and energy. 

My daughter said ‘hope’ was ‘strength’. Which I liked.

Our hope is in the energy to brighten, to mend, to move, to enrich, to empower… Whether you enjoyed it or not, you have to admit that Joe Wicks energised people recently (he did in our household).

The energy of life, being alive, if we could bottle it!!!? And share it?

Morning… like the first morning

Blackbird… like the first bird

Sweet the rain… sunlit from heaven

Ours is the sunlight…

Ours is the morning…

Praise with elation, praise every morning…

The recreation of the new day.


By julesprichards

Anchoring in the shire, with family, friends, coffee and cheese… always looking…

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