The first time this year, I took the dog out on the field this morning.

Syston, dog walk - Jan 2020
Syston, dog walk – Jan 2020

It was glorious. The sound of birds, the smell of thawing field, the warmth of the sunrise, the bright glistening frost, the hints of buds and capillary-like branches stretching with imminent hope of something… the sensational experience was more than I can describe here. More than most of us might capture with words, images, music or dance… though I love and applaud those who try! (Like Bill Withers)

Usually, my better-half takes the dog out, but on Saturday’s it’s my duty while E’s at work. As I say, it seems a duty, a ‘thing that needs to be done’, and like any chore it can be ‘seen’ as a chore. Googling an antonym for ‘chore’ we find happiness or peace !  Two sides of the same coin – flip the coin! Surely what makes a chore a chore is its relativity, its context, the way we perceive the task or situation. Many of us find ourselves doing routine things and tasks that ‘need to be done’. Yes it’s easily said, and I’m the worst at seeing above the clouds, but sometimes it really can take a small twist of perspective, a grounding of our perception to see something differently, to see something for what it truly is, to realise. Relax the clasped hand, and instead of a fist we have an open palm.  

I process stuff, we all do, but as an over-thinker, and a visual artist, I like to process stuff a tad more. This can be a problem, though being creative can make more of stuff, the process can perhaps take away and detract from the reality of life. We need a little unfiltered reality every now and then. Or we might say, to a generation swimming in hyperreality, we need a little unfiltered experience more regularly! 

As I say, I am the worst culprit. I, like many of us, find myself routinely consumed with pretty perfect polished pop cyberspace. Snap out of it. As a counselor once suggested to me, time for a ‘wet fish’ grounding. 

I took the dog out on the field this morning. It was more vibrant than any Instragram post, it was warmer than any edifying TED video, it was more exciting than a game of Mario, more rewarding than a win on BingoBingo… it was real.

Easily said I know… but, turn off the device. Take off the filters…

Go outside. 

(Added on Sunday) Frostier this morning…

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