One by one…

December… What can we say?

ChrimCard2018xIn other years I have wittered about suspending disbelief, magical jingles, tingles of spicy tonics, simple riches, and hope…

Somehow this December feels different. More real.

This year saw us sell up and move house. We’ve reviewed habits, routines and rituals, we pulled the metaphorical cloth from the table to see what stayed in place. We spent a while putting things back on the table. As I said back then, you realise that you build life around many things, objects, spaces, habits, routines and rituals. We take a lot for granted. We are very grateful.

“…Everything flows onward; all things are brought into being with a changing nature; the ages themselves glide by in constant movement.” Ovid

We have had a good year. I have no specific words. Just lots of resonating good things to be thankful for.

Here’s to the reality of spirit; to flavours, colours, images, sounds, thoughts and feelings…
Less fabrication, polish, and plastic, less catalogued lifestyle, less click and collect culture.
Here’s to the colour-soaked spirit of things.

Sorry, but I have to come back to my daily ride as an often wonder-infused grounding leveller. So often I am blessed by a combination of simple things.

The simplest smile from a man in a red hat.
The giggles from a child as he holds his mum’s hand.
The ‘Hi ya!’ from the family as they leave their flat.
The morning puja.
The nod of hello, a man in yellow, on patrol.
The smiles as the boy and his dad ride their bikes.
The wave of the lady that helps cross the road.
The morning welcome.
The chatter of the ladies on the fluorescent daily run.
The ‘morning’ from the girl with the curly dog.
The warmth of the morning sun.
The warmth of community.
The courtesy of the man in the green hatchback.
The eyes that smile as they wait for their bus.
The fellow people that you see every day.
The strength of the morning.

As my nana used to sing, “count your blessings, name them one by one…”

Though I love the memories and sentiment of the song, I think the joy of it is actually not to tot up your blessings… Start to count or realise a few blessings, and that’s enough, surely. I think it’s a song of thanks for the now.
To stop and breathe and truly feel alive… is perhaps enough.
Life’s all relative, and we’re only as good as our last attempt, but ‘the now’ is always a good time to be alive, if you can, try to feel the spirit of things.
If it’s not working for you, then peace be with you, hold on, the tempest will pass.

No doubt there are challenges ahead, but at Christmas, I hope we have a chance to pause, take a big breath… hold it… exhale… pause… and smile.

We wish you Peace.

Here’s to more celebration of our spirit, one by one.

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