The edge

Take some days …


Often prescribed in wiser times, a retreat, a holy-day. A specific change from routine busyness.

We traveled (back) to a place of contentment and a place where youthful roads diverged, the root of epiphany, the essence of understanding, a dantian land… A place of contrasts, often void of riches but full of richness.

We met old friends from verdant days. Friends unseen for decades, we used to play together, now we have children playing themselves, amongst change, growth and aging perspectives. We find a familiar friendship but with different stories to tell.  Distinct stories from distant friends. We still share worries, hopes, dreams and visions.

Some days… in a place of simple treasures, ancient kingdoms where the torn edge of paradise glows daily. A place where absolution lies buried amongst art, tradition, innovation, entertainment, novelty… as lichens cover granite, we spread, share, exchange, and feed.

We return to looming buzzards drifting on thermals, they will always fly high. Shadows will always stifle our breath. However the light I was fostered with still shines, even if occasionally you need to take a few days out to rekindle it.

By julesprichards

Anchoring in the shire, with family, friends, coffee and cheese… always looking…