The days are getting longer, the cycle commute home is now dusk, but the commute in is still dark when I leave c.6.45am.

The trip in is an awakening one, the chill and the freshness awaken you on many levels. It really can be a great experience. As with anything it’s what you make it; yes, there are many distractions that could make the trip a most horrendous routine – but as I say it’s what you make it. Or perhaps it’s what you don’t make it. One thing you can notice is that the day is bigger than you. It’s more than the things in your schedule; your targets, your meetings, your worries and your wants. The natural world, or rather the ‘raw’ world is alive. Breath is what keeps us going. A cycle commute certainly can help you to notice your breath, your spirit – the raw you, the raw us, that this all boils down to.
I thought I’d stop and capture a bit of the mood. Above are three quick images that I took this morning. As usual, a little post-camera processing to reflect my brain’s wondering milieu.

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