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A few years back, I was asked to design a book cover for a new book; “A Bike for Life”  by Dave Warnock – see below.

I’ve recently been asked to rework another book cover; “As a Child” by Phil Steer.


As a Childby Phil Steer.

My new cover design is a revision of the original design; a distilling of the existing design.

Keep it simple is a good rule, and in this case, it’s specifically apt. I hope it works – simple, little, the power of minutia…
I have kept Phil’s previous font and simply reflected colours out of the newly masked reduced photo.

‘Packed full of thought-provoking truths’
‘A good devotional read or for anyone with a busy schedule’

‘unless you change and become like little children …’

As a Child is an exploration of this call to childlikeness, this call to littleness – a call made not to children, but to adults – not to those who are naturally childlike, but to those who have grown out of their childlike nature.




A Bike for Life by Dave Warnock

I created Dave’s cover from scratch. The final design was chosen from a variety of options in a range of colours.
I shot a selection of photos, and retouched the one selected to appear on the cover.

Cycling trends, maintenance, manufacturing, lifestyle, safety, attitudes, infrastructure…
From saddles to shoes, fixies to trikes, Dave’s been there..

His book  “A Bike for Life” discusses Dave’s  “dream to create a bike to transform life. How your choices can help you embrace and celebrate life, not just for you but for others to.

Two good books!  Two good covers.  Two good blokes! (and me)


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