Introducing YLL

yllstripIntroducing YLL

YLL might be new to you, but its gift is wise beyond its years.  YLL could indeed change the way you live and see your world.
An idea so simple and intuitive, you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it sooner.
No wires or adapters, no compatibility issues, no battery life problems – in fact, the experience can last forever.
YLL offers a wide range of formats – from the easily pocket-able flexible 3-by-5inch, the popular handheld 5-by-7inch format, to the 9 by 11 inch display and beyond, offering high-resolution imagery and uniquely styled text, sourced from millions of well established worldwide connections.
With YLL you can easily browse, touch, feel, and absorb content! In turn, YLL can help you feel more alive!
YLL is locally installed waiting for you to start browsing; simply visit, browse, and borrow! Or request and reserve.
Compatible with anyone’s requirements – YLL’s format’s are varied to suit your preference with visual, audio and tactile formats.
YLL sites are designed with access for all in mind. From job-seekers to thrill-seekers, the romantic, the scientist the traveller… Users include babies, pre-schoolers, children, parents, students, older people, business people, the unemployed etc. YLL also provides for people with mobility, physical or learning difficulties.

yllYLL’s not artificial it’s real. 
Intelligence and creativity can be nurtured. It’s not simulated; YLL is an environment where the reality of your life can be stimulated!
Once acquired, formats can be used in bed, on the beach, on the bus, in the garden indeed almost anywhere with minimal loss of clarity. Most formats can be held in the one hand, and using your fingers to browse the content, they can transport you to worlds far away. YLL provides information portals and virtual realities that can be completely private to you.
The ultimate in a sharing experience – though YLL you can ‘like’, recommend, share and chat about experiences with your social network. Indeed, many chat groups have been formed and friendships enhanced by really sharing the experiences gained.

introyllcThe surprising thing is membership is FREE!
Once a member, you can just go, browse and borrow most items freely.
Millions of users every week in the UK!
Discover your imagination and experience the power of YLL.
The potential is often truly amazing!
Find out more here: YLL

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