Something borrowed…

You know I’ve worked with Public Libraries for 16 years, but yes… I use them too!

We use the libraries with the kids but significantly I use them myself. Both registered at Leicestershire and Leicester City (could save money there Councillor!) I frequently borrow books, saving money and shelf space, creating social activity, exercise and interaction, and keeping my #tsundoku in check.

heyraedingisgood4you1For example: The book ‘Life after Life’ by Kate Atkinson* was recently recommended to me and after the default kneejerk action of a quick Amazon/Hive check I thought again… as I try to do…
An equally easy two-click search of my local County library showed a few copies but none currently available locally (It is easy to reserve a copy). Another check of the City Library (could save money and time there Councillor!) and bingo there it was! – I was passing the city library the following day so I picked it up. It’s FREE remember!

A library book… borrowed; not owned, not consumed and captured to be shelved withyour tsundoku. Borrowed, tasted, to be shared. There’s so much more to a library book to me the touch, feel, smell etc are bigger and deeper then a hot off the warehouse virgin copy. Coincidentally, I found another friend was reading the same title – I asked: “Just curious, ebook or real book?” She replied “Real. They smell better”. They do!

Yes, I am still an eBook fan and love the medium (you can get them from the library too) but the real book and the fact that you can borrow a shared copy easily from your library is just magic. You can then give it back for someone else to read.

When you’ve visited a library…
after first 10 minutes… Sights, sounds and yes smells; an abundance of knowledge, a wealth
After 30 minutes… You’ve discovered or perhaps passed by catalogued doors to new worlds
After 60 minutes… You have or perhaps are consumed, you can’t hope for anymore. Time to flee
After days and weeks… You’ve found new worlds. You’ve found new ideas
After years… The sights, sounds and yes smells linger. Knowledge, stories, memories and projections

#LoveLibraries. Use them, don’t lose them.

*incidentally, Life after Life by Kate Atkinson – A great read!

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