Just notice

Notice Word Cloudone word‘…  The idea is to have a guiding ‘word’ in your daily mind’s eye, that inspires, refocuses, grounds you… to simplify your outlook and enable your view to be clearer… to declutter, cleanse or revitalise your world view…

I was recently reminded about the idea by @stepheniez via Positively Positive. (@Tanya_Marlow and  also mentioned the idea.)

OK, this could be a tad gimmicky and like ‘mindfulness’* it can be taken like crisps or chips and enjoyed as a one-off novelty*. But ‘potatoes’ can be far more revitalising and nutritious if considered more thoughtfully.

The one word idea, like mindfulness, NLP and CBT etc, might also be used to great effect when considered more seriously.

You can use your ‘focal word’ (or phrase) for a variety of purposes. In the past I’ve used the idea over periods like advent and lent, with a view to re-grounding and focusing myself – usually this has been guided by @briandraperuk‘s wise steerings.

If you like the idea, check it out ‘one word‘.

After the advent of innocence, purity and potential… the thing that can be told is not the eternal thing…
Just ‘notice’.

*Beware of McMindfulness the instant-hit take on the value-laden ambition of truly mindful living.

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