Who needs Angels?

AngelsHappyChristmasJEAP888Who needs Angels eh?   Happy daze, chin chin, ding dong merrily; did you see thingy on the telly; Happy Christmas and a merry New Year! Ain’t milk brillyunt; God, I’ll never be able to eat all that Toblerone; let it snow, let it snow; where did I put the Jameson’s? Chris Tingle. If it doesn’t fit you’ll have to send it back; nuts! Last Christmas I gave you my heart; did you buy crackers?  Well, the kids enjoyed it… 

Perhaps we all might benefit from remembering ‘angels’ after the show…

Last Christmas I pondered ‘angels’…then the angel departed’ *.

When the angels depart; after the expected bright lights, illusions, melodies and stories; I hope we can cling on to some form of new hope and promise that might be found somewhere amongst the salty riches and cloying delicacies that accompany the obligatory celebrations.

We’ve all experienced after-show emptiness, and the New Year will no doubt promise plenty that might smother any voids that appear.


Back to angels…

“It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.” says Saint Augustine.

Thank god for angels.

Those who have kids will know that the little imps also have beautiful heart-rending angelic moments. We all know that we can learn a lot by being reminded about humility, honesty, and those childlike tendencies that all too early can get smothered, blurred and forgotten in the race towards grown-up-ness.

I could also name a good selection of ‘friends’ that constantly radiate angelic attitudes, and then there are the strangers that we pass who briefly lighten the load with a kind word, a smile, a helping hand or some timely advice or support.

There are angels in our world and I suggest we all can benefit by simply acknowledging them if not embracing them.

We can also benefit from trying to learn from their virtuous, generous, respectful attitudes.

Popular culture fuels bling, pride, selfish discrimination and shallow sensationalism, but if we can get past the indigestion and dis-ease that this creates, a dose of angelic humility and praise might be just the tonic.

Thank god for angels.


*Coincidentally at the same time, Caracticus Potts suggested one has to see things as they really are; one “has to learn to put those dreams to some practical use, not just sit around and think about them all the time.

‘Tis the season!



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