Black Friday Saloon

ColoursBlack Friday Saloon.

The simplest smile from a man in red hat.
The giggles from a child as he holds his mum’s hand.
The ‘Hi ya!’ from the family as they leave their flat.
The morning puja.

The nod of hello, a man in yellow, on patrol.
The smiles as the boy and his dad ride their bikes.
The wave of the lady that helps cross the road.
The morning welcome.

The chatter of the ladies on fluorescent daily run.
The ‘morning’ from the girl with the curly dog.
The warmth of the morning sun.
The warmth of community.

The courtesy of the man in the green hatchback.
The eyes that smile as they wait for their bus.
The fellow people that you see every day.
The strength of the morning.

All this puts the ignorance of the man in the black saloon in his place.
He’s still a danger though, #forbearance, becare!


By julesprichards

Anchoring in the shire, with family, friends, coffee and cheese… always looking…