Morning Puja?

This morning was a very normal morning. Overcast, mild, a normal ride in down very normal back streets with very normal people…

I have recently been reminded to be aware of people*.

This morning I breakfasted with my young family; a fraught affair with spillages, tantrums, laughter, worries, sharing and hopes.
(I have been remined
every supper with them – even just a bowl of cornflakes – is precious beyond all telling. Check Frederick Buechner’s reflection.)
During breakfast I found myself smiling inexplicably at the dog, he was just causing me to smile involuntarily – those of you that know me will know that I don’t smile inexplicably, not inside at least.

Halfway through my 7 mile trip into work, riding down a normal Leicester backstreet, I passed by an elderly lady in Asian (Hindu) dress, sari & the like, she was outside her front door, holding a small brass or copper coloured pot** up to sky, from the pot she was pouring water steadily onto the pavement…

Tweet‪#‎leicester‬ normal back street, Asian lady pouring liquid from copper pot** holding up to the sky… Inexplicable laughter, smiles and tears.

Harrison Road Leicester

All I can say is as I rode on, physically i felt utter joy, inner smile, warmth, brightness welling up inside me. I smiled, i audibly laughed and tears welled up as I continued.

The day was still grey and the bin lorry ahead was trailing musty decay but the bin men smiled and life or something inexplicable filled the air.

There had been no preliminary hysteria, psychological practice, no hypnotic stimuli, no music, no interaction, it came through a grey normal, regular, routine, moment.

Could I capture this thing that was passing? No. Google it***; but you won’t find it.

I toyed with the idea of returning and taking a picture of the lady… but it all passed… moments later I was in a different place, the world settled back to another street, cars, people, metal, stone, colours, smells, routine – normality … but stained with the taint of something bigger.

Have a good day.

*People who:
– who serve us in shops
– who make the things we use and enjoy
– who cook and serve when we go out for meals
– who clean the toilets at campsites, shops, restaurants, motorway services etc
– who grow, transport, prepare and sell the food we eat
– who build the roads and buildings we use.
– who teach our kids
– who look after us when we’re ill…

PS: I am reminded of Brian Draper’s unconscious simple steps; Stop, Relax, Breathe, Smile.  Reach out to grasp {glimpse} eternal things… 

** Kamarwiki/Lota
** Puja

*** Woman Pouring Water During Morning Puja

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