There’s books in them there hills!

CotswoldsJPRWhile walking with the folks in the Cotswolds this weekend I was reminded of people’s need to read, and the fact that communities use a ‘third place‘ whether as a water-cooler moment or a refuge away from home…  “escape with a good book!”

Laverton Book Exchange

As have many others, the village of Laverton, Gloucestershire, now seems to have its own “Book Exchange” I understand they have lost the once cherished GCC mobile library provision and the idea of using their old K6 phone box as a ‘book exchange’ has been realised. (kiosk number six – designed to commemorate the silver jubilee of King George V)

“Despite the growth in digital technologies, there is still a clear need and demand within communities for modern, safe, non-judgmental, flexible spaces, where citizens of all ages can mine the knowledge of the world for free, supported by the help and knowledge of the library workforce,”

So said a report from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport last year.

Just another observationPeople use libraries!

“A good book dies every time we switch on bad TV…”

The Bookmark People have been supporting libraries for more than 15 years with bespoke Promotional Library Bookmarks that spread the news in their unique inimitable way.

With digital advertising becoming the norm, returning to tactile touchy-feely print can set u apart!

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