Advent: “Reaching out to grasp eternal things” (Alfred Delp)

Like when you come in from a frosty day and the warmth of the room causes tingles and a buzzing glow to your skin, the vibrancy of life can be incandescent, the warmth of true simple joy can be fervent and intoxicating;

…from the fragrant zest of an orange to the dark dearth in evening shadows, from the faces of children to the silence of a stranger, from the energy released in simple live music to the wisdom imbued in beautiful writing…


Yeaaaa! I have recently been in a position to remove the blanket that I’ve had for the the last three years and i’ve returned my brain’s chemistry to it’s ‘natural’ {?} state.  It’s a balancing act but after experiencing an extensive period of mood-altering drugs I think they have served their purpose (for now).

I have first noticed that I am again emotionally up & down like a yo-yo in a lift – this is good as long as you can find ways to manage it.  I have also been dreaming like a trooper, like I used to do #greatfun.  While taking citalopram I very rarely remember dreaming – very rarely did I struggle to sleep.  Yes, it seems that in my daily happenings I am noticing enhanced interest in stuff, as I say emotionally up & down, and probably creatively up and down.  Having worked on developing ways of seeing things differently and of managing stuff differently, I’d rather be up (and yes down) than stuck on ‘floor three’ forever (I think).  That said, I would recommend following trusted professionals’ advice if they suggest a stint of medication is wise, it was wise and essential for me.


The ammunition, enlightenment, wisdom, tools and insights that I’ve found from numerous sources over the last few years has been invaluable and I am eternally thankful for those near and far that have helped.

Some simple advice from Brian:

Four simple steps, slowly
1. Stop. Bring yourself to a halt. A proper one. Be still. {this might take a considered while…}
2. Relax. Notice if you’ve any physical tension, and let your body relax.
3. Breathe a little more slowly and deeply.
4. Smile. This is a good and important {amazing}  thing you’re doing…

Reach out to grasp {glimpse} eternal things…

If you don’t get it first time {I didn’t}, try again another time.

By julesprichards

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