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Flat pedals

After no response to a call for advice about good pedals for commuting,  I went and bought a cheap pair that had good reviews.

I am not a cyclist.  In the same way that I am not a driver or a cook.  (I ride a bike to work, I drive the kids to everywhere,  I cook food.)  However, I possibly ride a bike more than some “cyclists”.

Hence the parts on my bike get a fair bit of wear and tear.  I am not interested in pedals for high-performance, mountain-climbing, clip-less, SPD or special shoes etc.   I just want to ride a bike from a to b.  It should be easy.

The last pedals on my bike were always poor in the wet and slippery with basic trainers, and so when one broke recently it was an excuse to get a new pair.

OK they are only cheap so they may not last years but they could last a few seasons – we’ll see and I’ll let you know.

After two days of downpour rain, and four 8 mile commutes, I can safely say my feet have not slipped once using the new MKS Comfort Lite City pedals.  Great!  It surprised me somewhat because they don’t look like they’d be that effective in the wet.  The old ones were always slippery when wet.

I’ll let you know how they go.



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