Sunny pancakes – Stormy skies.

So the wife took the mutley out for a walk – or did he take her out? Anyway the much promised remnants of Bertha were on their way and promptly rained a bit! They got a tad wet!



Bracks em

Incidentally, Bracken’s now grumpy ‘cos he was going to visit his mum in Coventry (he’s one year old now), he’s not seen mum ‘Princess’ since he packed his bags for the big wide world! They will make another dryer date.

If you’ve had the privilege of flying above stormy clouds, you might remember that the sun’s always there! The only thing for it on this grey wet English ‘summer’ morning, breakfast pancakes. Or as our girls say P A N C A K E S!

So here’ tis:

pancakesStack(SCOTCH) PANCAKES

175g SR Flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
40g caster sugar
1 extra-large egg
200ml milk
(and of course toppings)


Beat all of the above together to the consistency of thick cream.

Drop a few spoonfuls onto a HOT oiled frying pan. Space the  well as they will spread.

When bubbles rise to the surface (it wont take long), turn the cakes over and cook for another 30-60 seconds. They should be golden brown.

Put them on a wire rack or sumpt and cover with a tea towel to keep them soft while you cook t’others.

Serve with the nectar of your choice; honey, sugar and lemon, golden syrup, jam, choc spread…

(oh, and we put raisins into our mix)

PTPcake pcake

Happy daze!








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