Creative method…

Creative Art:

putting ‘stuff’ together in a new or another way, to resonate a novel or appropriate difference…
…to illuminate the familiar, to resurrect the lost, to prize grace out of joy, to make firm that that is in flux, to capture, weave or play with, to engage, disturb, entertain, please, refresh, challenge…

To be creative… living more openly, acting more honestly, and being more…

Stopping nonproductive behaviors is usually a first step in becoming more creative.

A lot has been and will be written about creativity, and it would be foolish to attempt to summarise it in a nutshell. Indeed, formula alone is not enough to guarantee results; ideally there might be feeling, emotion, logic, realisation, empathy, pain, belief, etc.
However, the creative’process’ can be a considered thing:
i. Preparation for… change
ii. Concentration and focus on… change
iii. Incubation and brewing of… change
iv. Illumination, Aha! elucidation of change
V. …verification and elaboration, developing change.

A useful idea developed in the 1970s by Robert Eberle is the acronym SCAMPER.
Eberle worked in education in the US, and studied creativity with children and teachers.
In essence it’s a creative tool that helps move you on when you might reach a blank.
SCAMPER is based on the idea that new creative work, is essentially a remix of something that is already exists.
S = Substitute (replace things with alternatives, e.g. objects, characters, media, etc.)
C = Combine (combine/blend objects or parts of objects, media, ideas, etc)
A = Adapt (borrow something from another context)
M = Magnify, Minify, Multiply (make some part larger, smaller or repeat it, enhance, distance)
P = Put to Other Uses (change the intended function of an object, a place, a character…)
E = Eliminate (remove elements or parts; cut something out; cut part of something away)
R = Rearrange/Reverse (move objects, characters, time, around. Invert, switch, pace, time etc)

But critically; theory, formula and process might help move things along, but nothing will replace the passion and drive, the wanting, the desire, the searching, the angst, the belief, the love… of the creative artist.





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