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It’s been 3 years… …and 9000+ miles

CalmDown…only 3 years …and 9000+ miles, and a lot’s changed.

It’s been 3 years since I got my Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc 2011.

I’ve stopped religiously recording the miles but, I tallied:
3051 miles year one
3250 miles in year two
It follows that I’ve done about 3000+ this last year too.
The annual commute of 230 days x 14 miles = 3220 miles

Tracking rides: I initially used Cardio Trainer, then Endomondo served very well. Recently peer pressure has won out and and Strava gives me a buzz. I have recently been playing with the PleaseCycle app which is in initial roll-out and promises great developments. However Strava still tops my list for data-recording and mapping.


20130522-000304.jpgThe bike’s pretty much as it was this time last year except for treating myself to the Jones Bend H-Bar® 660 this February.

The new Jones Bars
The new Jones Bars





front_on_mountI have upgraded my cycle camera to a  Dogcam Bullet R+ from the ever helpful Martyn and the guys at in Cornwall – more on that when I have time to put a post together.

So onward you can see my cycle related posts here: “bike”



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