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New H bars

Alas I gave in… to the Jones’…

Last July I moved from the a stock straight Specialized handlebars, to a too cheap not to try £12.50 (delivered)  XLC City + Trekking handlebar. They enabled a more upright sitting position that i was looking for.

As said before, my riding style over the last few years, has changed from:
i. Trying to co-exist with traffic, riding a bike with a similar driverly attitude and outlook.
ii. Aiming to being more aware of place and adopting a more contented, mindful way…

I have always eyed the Jones H Loop Bar – it’s got a unique classic design, for more comfort, that allows the rider to sit up more. The price was always a restriction, but now the same style comes at a lower price without the ‘loop’.

The  Jones Bend H-Bar® 660

The old cheap bars.
The old cheap bars.
The new Jones Bars
The new Jones Bars
New bars over old.

The are giving me another 2 inches back and out! Nice!

Thanks to the Bikemonger.  Just what I was after!

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