One Minute Meditation – Simon Parke

I don’t usually like recommending stuff, and I guess I am not doing that now –  “horses for courses” and all that but…

Over the last few years I have enjoyed many of Simon Parke’s books (I’ve yet to venture into the Abbot Peter Mysteries but IMHO the other stuff is “good stuff”).  I have recently been offered his latest book and as I have said on my Amazon review “I’m finding One Min. Med. is Simon’s best yet!”.

Sharing this is the least I can do, due to the value I have got out of the many pages of his that I have read.

One Minute Meditation - Simon Parke
One Minute Meditation – Simon Parke

“Nuggets of gold!”   5.0 out of 5 stars
By Juniper Richards

It’s not “meditation” as you know it! Perhaps it’s simply taking a daily opportunity to think twice.
I find Simon Parke’s books have a knack of kindly and simply introducing the most profound and stimulating ideas in a friendly, simple and sometimes humorous way.
I’m finding One Min. Med. is Simon’s best yet!
Day-changing ideas are touched on in succinct, accessible, warm, unpretentious ways.
You are often left with every-day visualisations that remind you of ‘another way’.
“imagine your influence today was like the spreading of buttercups…”
“taking offence is a choice, just as succumbing to flattery is a choice…”
I don’t think I’m overdoing it to say this book could be a catalyst to potentially life-changing attitudes.
Pages I will return to often.

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