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On yer bike!

I try and keep cycling posts to a minimum, ‘cos riding a bike is just a way of getting from a to b and should be normal but…

A friend of mine asks… How many drivers pass too close to people on pedal cycles?

screen-capture-1I do not use major city roads so am not ideally placed to comment but in my subjective experience about 1 in 5 do pass too close when passing people on bikes. 1 in 10 pass very dangerously close.  I film all the 7miles x 2 commutes I do ever weekday – I’ll check when I have time!  But 1 in 10 is too many! Fine for fit, strong, attentive ‘cyclists’ but for the average person in the street that could pop to the shops on their bike, the traffic is not acceptable. Forget getting the kids cycling!

Some academic research is interesting if you’re that way inclined.

When you are on a bike and are experiencing dangerous driving, occasionally it takes superhuman discipline to not get very angry!

I agree with the below, on any ride into town:

  • some drivers will pass dangerously close.
  • some drivers will overtake prematurely.
  • some drivers will cut in too soon.
  • some drivers will follow too close behind cyclists.
  • some will drive at inappropriate speeds.
  • some will use phones or hair brushes etc while driving.
  • there are also the instances where drivers deliberately menace, bully, or antagonise other road users.

It takes significant concerted tolerance, concentration, and both physical and mental strength to stay safe cycling regularly on Britain’s roads.

That’s why I believe separating hard-fast motor vehicles from mortal vulnerable people on bikes is what’s needed if the healthier* option of cycling is to be encouraged.

One might ask… Why do we not care about other people’s wellbeing?  Why do we only think of ourselves?  Why is illusory personal gain so celebrated?

Yes there are laws and new ones can be created or perhaps existing laws might be actually enforced. There will always be bullies, there will always be the uneducated, there will always be ignorance –  we need laws and education to help with this.  But also we will always be ‘people’. We are faulty, but we can aim to be healthier people.

On our roads, all I ask is for a little consideration…

  • consideration of ourselves.
  • consideration of what we are doing
  • consideration for others (might naturally follow).

All I ask is for a little consideration, but perhaps I ask for too much.

*healthier: much has been written on the benefits of increased cycle use, on personal, community & economic levels – google it – cycling is good….

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