The good, the bad and the ugly…

You can’t panel beat a person’s brain!

With good cycle infrastructure drivers don’t have to ‘worry about’ cyclists, they are kept separate. Everyone benefits.

For three years I have cycle commuted 7 miles to and fro Leicester, rain and shine.

I have learnt over that time that mainly due to the general culture or manner of road-driving in urban areas, segregated paths are safer than roads.
On the roads, rules and common sense can be employed but constant attention and concentration is needed for cycling on urban roads – it is not a place for children or a casual attitude. You can’t panel beat a person’s brain!

Good: (room for improvement) A few short segregated shared cycle paths into Leicester are good: like Syston, Goscote and Thurmaston

Bad: Some are, well… poor:

Ugly: Road cycling’s the bit….  another story.

It would not take much (relatively) to employ quality segregated cycle paths on main routes.

Same old common sense argument: This would make more room for vehicles and public transport, it would be safer and easier to cycle and more people would cycle – I remember the day when I said in no uncertain terms “cycle to work? you must be joking – out of the question” but I have now sold my car, and I’ve been cycling for three years snow or shine.

Alas, cycling on the roads is not for the faint hearted.

You can’t panel beat a person’s brain!

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