Greenbelt 2013

What a fabulously nutritious and soothingly vibrant time we had.  Much to imbibe, chew on, reflect on and be thankful for!

Thanks! to the Syston & Birstall Meth crowd, the Cornish contingent, and the Mansfield troop, for their company!

Fresh from the camera – here’s a few images that might capture a certain aspect of the weekend.

The sun’s energy was always present, all be it sometimes accompanied by a lurking grey doubt…

The weekend was, and still is, essentially, about ‘people‘…

…as well as being about you and me.   Birstall & Syston Greenbelters

Energy was a key element – fuelled by music, art, a 40th anniversary (and crepes etc)

Key points – meeting relies, and friends, Duke Special, Grace Petrie, Courtney PineFat & Frantic, Austin Francis Connection, Fischy Music, Blunderbus Theatre, London Com. Gospel Choir, The Temperance Movement, Thea Gilmore, Sunday Morning, Steve Chalk, Barbara Brown Taylor, to name but a few….


“Sunday morning reflections”

I first went to GB in 1988 like a long-lost friend it’s honest and holds no grudges.  Long may ‘it’ last!

Faces from #GB40

By julesprichards

Anchoring in the shire, with family, friends, coffee and cheese… always looking…