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New handlebars

New Bars: XLC City + Trekking handlebars
New Bars: XLC City + Trekking handlebars

After two years of riding, slowly realising new perspectives, and challenging my own preconceptions and assumptions, I have made another change to the routine standard.

Two years ago my bike came with a stock straight Specialized handlebars, with a 8° degree back sweep.

They’ve been good, but I occasionally fancied a more relaxed position and over time I’ve considered changing the bars.

My riding style over the last two years, has changed from:

i. Trying to co-exist with traffic, riding a bike with a similar driverly attitude and outlook.


ii. Aiming to being more aware of place and adopting a more contented, mindful way…

There are a lot of alternative styles of handlebars on the market – I wanted something more comfortable that allows me to sit up more. Seeing the 45° sweep of the Jones H Loop Bar  on a friend’s bike, I admired the unique classic design, but shivered at the unique classic price tag.

I was looking for something with a similar sweep.

I came across a few makes that had a similar spec, but the basic simple set below at £12.50 (delivered) stood out like an option too cheap not to try!

The XLC City + Trekking handlebar is made of “6061 aluminium”, they state that they have an “cranking of 59°” and a width of 610 mm. Not sure what a cranking means? I guess it could translate to a sweep of 31°.

Whatever… they are great!

They enable a more upright sitting position.

The new position seems to enable a grip and pull on the bars that helps exert more pressure on the pedals, when you need that extra surge.

With new Ergon grips I am really chuffed with the new set up.


Just what I was after.

New Bars: XLC City + Trekking handlebars
New Bars: XLC City + Trekking handlebars
The old bars.
The old bars.


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