Not much in it?

We drove into Leicester today due to a family trip to the ‘ospital.

We left at 7.40 ahead of the usual rush hour (10mins can make all the difference with the school traffic).
The car journey didn’t encounter excessive congestion (it would have 30mins later), but took us 24minutes.
My usual cycle in takes me between 30 and 40 minutes depending on wind/weather.

There’s not much in it, less than 10minutes different over 7+ miles.
Cycling cost me a banana for fuel.
The car cost about £1.18 for the single trip – that’s £2.36 return.

Some might say as a mature adult, “I can afford £3 a day for the sensible option of driving the car”.
Of course there’s the cost* of the car too.

Why ride a bike – it’s not Ho Chi Minh City!


*But it’s that ‘cost’ that’s the issue. The obvious personal financial cost. But it’s the other costs…
Social, psychological, spiritual congestion? What effect has the current form of personal car ownership and use had on us individually and as a society… Our outlook, our attitude… ?

There’s not much in it?

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