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She lives…

…alas after a winter’s commute through snow ice and things not nice, it was time to give her a thorough going over.
The team at LBS City Cycles Thurmo, City Cycles Leicester have done a good job. She lives:

May 2011 – Purchased Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc 2011 Hybrid Bike (from a shop near a big lake).

7 months – Dec 2011 – New CHAIN and CASSETTE, from the shop that I bought the bike from – poor after-sales service from a bike store near a big lake! Lack of attention, explanation and interest.

14 months – July 2012 – TYRES:
replaced Specialized Borough Xc Sport Tyre 700×45 with 700x32mm Schwalbe Durano Plus.

15 months – August 2012 – CHAINSET:
LBS City Cycles Thurmo, replaced the considerably worn SunTour/SRAM chain set (ring, chain and cassette); with a Shimano megarange CS HG41.

1 year 7 mths – Dec 2012 – REAR WHEEL:
LBS City Cycles Thurmo, New back wheel, as stock one rim cracked and freewheel worn. Mavic A119 rim and .

1 year 11mths – April 2012 SPRING CLEAN:
Full service from LBS City Cycles Thurmo – It get’s quite a pelting from 15 miles around daily commute through all weathers, and very poor road surface. It picks up a lot of crud off the road, especially in winter. Despite this, last August’s chainset etc is still up for another 6 months+ hopefully.


(Note to self: Shorts worn throughout this winter – Gold star for me)

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