I’ve chopped it off…!

Well I’ve gone and done it, I’ve chopped it off.
After 6 months of fecundity and bloomin’ marvellous protuberances she’s started to drop.
We had 8 blooms on one stem and 9 on another. But over the last few weeks we’ve lost the lot.
Procrastinate not… the decision has been made – I’ve trimmed it down to the third node on each stem to see if there’s any more juice in the old stick.
And yup, signs of autumn are in the air, I said it! Alas all good things come to pass and life turns corners and perspectives change. Thanks heavens.
So if you need to prune something do it, enjoy the fullness and move on.
And empty page can be so full of possibilities…
Quorsum haec, cui bono.
Cut it out, drop it, chop it off…  as the actress said to the proverbial bish bash bosh!

By julesprichards

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