Julian Richards – a few words…

Below are just a few testimonials I’ve received… and you can download some portfolio material here: JPR Portfolio

“All the artwork, design, logos etc … I cannot thank him enough for the talent and inspiration he has put into my business. Go check him out if you need anything similar.”
GH George Himan Massage and Recovery 

“Jules has enhanced every project of mine that he’s been generous enough to become involved in – and there’ve been many and varied projects over the last 6 years. He responds very quickly with work which is full of energy, originality and beauty. I’ve found his design suggestions always “right first time” and he is endlessly patient with the inevitable tweaking of detail.”
Rev’d Rachel Parkinson,
Superintendent Methodist Minister
of the Leicester North Circuit

“It is always a pleasure to work with Jules. His designs are invariably intelligent, elegant and imaginative but, more than that, he himself is such a conscientious man, concerned to deliver exactly what you want, even when you are not quite sure yet what that is. Nothing he does is casual or half-hearted. You never feel that you’re being fobbed off with anything less than his best. I thoroughly recommend him!”
Huw Spanner
Freelance journalist and wordsmith

“…thoroughly professional in his dealings with me; being very sensitive to work with me to achieve the end result I wanted. On every occasion, this was achieved and to this very day ‘bookmarks’ produced by Jules still work effectively for our organisation – many thanks Jules!”
Bryan Shutt
Big Shed Enterprises & Conferencing.


“I worked with Jules for a number of years whilst I was Marketing Officer at Leicester City Council. He helped deliver numerous campaigns – often to very tight deadlines imposed upon him! I was always impressed by his creative flair, but also his ability to stick very closely to the brief if required. He helped me launch some very well received campaigns, or rather tools that are still being used today – almost 10 years on, because they’re so effective. It was a pleasure to work with Jules.”
Paul Suter – Marketing Officer
Leicester City Council


“Working for libraries in Wales, it was inevitable that our paths would cross! We have worked with Jules on a number of national library promotional campaigns from #LoveLibraries to #LoveDigital and Every Child a Library Member – his attention to detail, innovation and creativity are excellent. One of the few designers who can adhere to a brief and enhance what you had in your mind – rather than just doing something to please himself! Additionally, Jules managed to get his head around incorporating the Welsh language into everything we produced. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jules for your design project.”
Jane Purdie – MCIM Chartered Marketer
All Wales Audience Development & Marketing Office

School Reprographics Service

“he is always helpful, friendly and goes above and beyond the call of duty”
TM Leicester City Secondary School

“Many of times advised on how to save money within the department… 100% of the time the work I have asked for has been completed within the timeframe… Jules has been a lifesaver at times throughout the year… One of the schools great assets if you ask me”  JK Leicester City Secondary School

“He has really been of assistance in the past fortnight in ensuring assessments & evidence for y11 grades are printed (at times, with short notice). He is really an unsung hero amongst staff.” AM Leicester City Secondary School

“He is always so kind and supportive and no job however difficult is a problem for him.  You take an idea of what you want to him and like magic it is produced to such a high standard.  On another note, he is just an all-round lovely guy.” HT Leicester City Secondary School

“He is an absolute superstar, happy to help and goes above and beyond all the time” SS Leicester City Secondary School

“always being so efficient and never making you feel as though any printing request is a bother.” KC Leicester City Secondary School

“One of the friendliest people that I know, and he always arrives with a smile on his face, and a happy greeting for his colleagues. Shown ongoing initiative, and dedication.  Jules consistently find ways to help his colleagues and the others departments on campus.” SB Leicester City Secondary School


“Julian is the most creative person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His work is from the heart, he has vision and can almost read your mind when you are explaining the outcome you need from his work.

I have known Julian for a total of 14 years. Central Community Press offered to help with the charity Newsletter and PR material of a charity I worked for.
This is when Julian first came into my work life. I needed someone who could understand what we the charity wanted to get across, to make our words come alive and to make the best use of the material that we could give.
I was taken aback with Jules’s work, he not only delivered the goods, he did it in such a way that became unique to Sunshine the charity, The Newsletters came alive for many people and many people expressed their appreciation of the beautiful Calendars that Jules put together and the artwork in the information packs and the Newsletters. He was indeed a pleasure to work with, patient, and understanding and committed.
Year after year the charity came back to Community press and year after year Jules delivered, in a heartfelt way and with great focus and attention to detail.
Jules is certainly a great credit and asset to any company or individuals that he represents and to the people he has produced his work for.
Every piece of work is a ‘story’. I do not think we would ever find a more dedicated and likable person who loves and enjoys his work and who has such a special and unique gift for showing life as it is in all his photographs and his artwork.
Thank you Jules.”
Eve Lawton – Director / Coordinator.
Sunshine Project UK Charity

Public Libraries…

For 16 years I worked for ‘Bookmark People‘ and produced numerous campaigns for public libraries throughout the country.
These ranged from small projects for individuals at localised sites, to large campaigns for overarching organisations such as local authorities, Welsh Libraries, The Reading Agency, The Society of Chief Librarians and Scottish Libraries and other regional bodies.


“Julian creates eye-catching design work with innovative ideas that appeal to schools. He is a pleasure to work with, both efficient and effective with a keen eye for detail. We received many comments from schools about how much they valued the bookmarks he created.”
Fiona MacKayPerkins –
Business Manager and Marketing

NACE – National Association for Able Children in Education


Educational Bookmarks I’ve completed a selection of Educational Campaigns for NACE.
For example the A-Z bookmarks, which simply featured the alphabet and colourful animals or themed images, for schools and children to use in the classroom and home to generate conversation and interaction around subjects and words.
Also a handy ‘can you find them A-Z’ and the Measure Bookmark, again for use in class and at home, this features measures, fractions and percentages.


“I found Julian Richards to be very helpful and reliable when working with him on our bookmarks. He did an excellent job and came up with a lot of creative suggestions in response to our brief. The final bookmark was beautifully designed and extremely eye-catching and was loved by the children who received them.”
Katherine Owen – Senior Librarian
Vale of Glamorgan Library and Information Service

“A consummate professional. His design work captured the essence of the message we wished to portray.”
Catriona Wales – Lending Services Manager
North Lanarkshire Libraries – CultureNL


Do it Every Day – Read!
One of many campaigns for Nth Lanarkshire Libraries – I produced a suite of library bookmarks featuring my photography, celebrating local authors, reading and discovery!  NL libraries have seen 34,000 visitors a week to their 24 sites. These bookmarks were given out to current and potential library users.
As a direct result, the advertisers who appear on the bookmarks, the local Child Protection Committee, also derive great value from their investment. Designs feature ‘Stay Safe Online’ advice for parents and children and Child Protection contact numbers – the Child Protection Committee reach a key audience, 76% of 5-10 year olds visited a public library in the last year.


“I recall Jules being a pleasure to work with. Creative, responsive and utterly professional, his work for Torbay Libraries was always reliably excellent, combining a sharp sense of design with an understanding of the message we needed to convey. Great products resulting every time.”
Paul Trainer – Development & Support Officer
Torbay Libraries

“I recall Jules’ great attention to detail when working on promotional bookmarks for our library service. A great ideas man, happy to listen to feedback and act on it.”
Linda Moffatt MCLIP – Stock and Support Services Team Leader
Cornwall Libraries


“… Before the recent welfare reform changes in April 2013, increasing housing benefit take-up was very important for the London Borough of Hounslow. Jules had some good ideas and we particularly liked the bookmark idea. The bookmark had details of our Council and also who to contact to make a housing benefit claim. Jules had some innovative ideas.”
Harminder Persad IRRV Tech | Head of Revenues & Benefits
London Borough of Hounslow

“Jules was always pro-active, helpful, innovative and persistent – in a good way! We had some great library promotions and it was ingenious to have a public /private partnership to get the message out there.”
Felicity Page – Customer Access officer
Camden Library Service


“I worked with Julian Richards for sixteen years. In all that time I found his work imaginative, innovative and colourful. He worked tirelessly and conscientiously, producing work of a consistently high standard in record time. My Clients were amazed at his creativity and speed with which he ‘turned work around’ and many became repeat customers. Jules is trustworthy, loyal and reliable. A very valuable member of staff- the lynchpin of the business.”
Jane Fielding – Sales and Project Coordinator,
Central Community Press Ltd.


“Jules provided essential daily management and administrative continuity in addition to imaginative creative solutions meeting a wide range of government, public service and commercial client aspirations.
Jules’ gift for developing client ideas into memorable strap lines and eye-catching designs certainly underpinned client satisfaction and generated both repeat orders and new business.
Jules’ subtle persuasiveness generated confidence and encouraged a meaningful dialogue with clients to reach out to their target audience with a refreshingly unique message. It certainly provided a positive basis for beneficial repeat and new business supported by objective feedback and client testimonials.”
John Coombes – Sales and Project Coordinator,
Central Community Press Ltd.

You can download some portfolio material here:  https://julesprichards.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/julesprichards-portfolio0216.pdf