My name’s Julian Richards.  I’m a Cornishman at heart and I’ve been living ‘up country’ for about 30 years. Artwork and design for print and screen. Image making for business and pleasure. That’s a bit of what I do… It has been said that I’m “always pro-active, helpful, innovative and persistent – in a good way!”. I’ve more than thirty […]


I create images … don’t we all? Can you make use of unique bespoke imagery that will help you stand out from the crowd? I can work with you to create something different, something that will stand out from the crowd.  Whether it’s editing existing shots, or taking new photos, we can come up with something new! To […]

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We cycle to know we are not alone…

As you know I cycle. However (bear with me),  cycling as a sport is not my thing. I don’t find the spin and whirl of the latest chrome or carbon gadgets specifically exciting, I don’t find the latest audacious audax or spritely sportif of interest, “different chevaux for different courses” I guess. Cycling for me […]

Julian Richards – C.V.

Julian Richards Curriculum Vitae Personal Statement: I am an enthusiastic, organised, conscientious person. I am keen to utilise proven dedication, creativity and communication skills. In my work, I’ve successfully combined practicalities with creativity showing that I am capable of problem-solving and working to achieve goals within deadlines. I enjoy working using my own initiative or as […]


Me, groan! What have 40 years done?

This is me at 3 and a half years and 43 and a half  years of age… groan!  What have 40 years done? At 3 the family lived in Hayle in Cornwall and shortly moved to Fowey where we lived for about 5 years. At 18 I left education and after a few ‘first jobs’ […]

A period of transition…

(Started April 2011 – see below) Update December 2016 Not such an easy task…    (an update on a previous post) I posted recently that after more than 5 years on reduced rigging, I am now again finally trying a fuller set of sails. For more than 5 years Citalopram has helped take the winds […]