Distant seasoning… drawing nearer…

That time of year again… when things hint at becoming sparkly, spiced and warming… (that’s if you can find your waythrough the froth, the jingle-jingle and the plastic saturnalia). But if you fancy something different in December and you’re near Melton on 10th, comeand listen to the unaccompanied sounds of Global Harmony in the seasonedsetting of […]

Don’t listen to the words, listen to the…

Hummm… nowt sp’cific to say… however… We’ve started back with Global Harmony this week, which will be my 4th year with them – time flies.What I enjoy about GH is the ‘expressive’ experience – ‘meaning’ comes later. This idea sort of harmonises with my recent encounters with ‘awareness‘ etc. Drop the baggage and dance dude! […]


JPR Archive

Archives… 2008-2002 Time flies… Monday, 8 December 2008 Well time flies when you’re having fun! Em and I are well, if a little tattered around the edges. The little ladies keep us on our toes and Emma especially deserves a medal for keeping it all together. Abbie J. is 3 and a half now and […]