Don’t listen to the words, listen to the…

Hummm… nowt sp’cific to say… however… We’ve started back with Global Harmony this week, which will be my 4th year with them – time flies.What I enjoy about GH is the ‘expressive’ experience – ‘meaning’ comes later. This idea sort of harmonises with my recent encounters with ‘awareness‘ etc. Drop the baggage and dance dude! […]


Seasonal Sounds 2013…

If you enjoy a little advent-urous, a capella, acoustics – a date for your diaries: Saturday 14th December – Melton, St. Mary’s… Flyer image can be shared found here: GIF or PDF  – do share! Pies and wine too, all in a good cause!

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Inspired by “Free Wheeling” – Think again, and cycle again.

Inspired by “Free Wheeling” and the “thoughts of a welsh brummie” Another, celebration of cycling: Like many, I started cycling up and down along the kerb as a youngster in the early ‘70s. A Mini Moulton, a Grifter, a Chopper and then a Raleigh Sun Solo if my memory is correct. In my early teens I […]