Joyous Delight…

An indescribable hopeful brightness, an energy made visible…

I have been reading recently about indescribably hopeful brightness…

“Colour is energy made visible…
A vibrancy that helps us thrive, learn, be productive, and grow, become more alert… more interested.
Bright colour stirs us out of complacency…
Colours prompt an unconscious change in people’s relationship to their environment: from fight or flight to stay and grow…
Bright colour operates like a stimulant, a shot of caffeine for the eyes. It stirs us out of complacency.”

I’ve been reading from Joyful: The surprising power of ordinary things to create extraordinary happiness’ by Ingrid Fetell Lee

Ingrid talks about the idea of “reversible destiny”; an idea that we can prevent stagnation by recognising and embracing stimulation in our environments on a regular basis. She suggests we “resuscitate the childlike wonder we feel in a world full of novel sensation” 

Our world is full of color, texture, and pattern but often we don’t realise it, but we sometimes suffer from a “sensorial hunger”.

Ingrid writes; “…the word “gaudy” has roots in the Latin gaudere, “to rejoice” or “delight” in something, which happens to be the same root that gave us the word “joy.” As Diane Ackerman writes, to live not just the length of our lives, but the width of them as well.”

And so on a recent ride home from work I took a route through Leicester’s city centre rather than through the city park, and discovered these joyous delights!

You can find out more about Leicester’s street art here: Leicester’s Street Art

An extra variable in the cocktail that is my cultural infotainment, I have recently been greatly enjoying Will Smith and National Geographic’s ‘One Strange Rock‘ (Disney+).

In the last episode ‘Home’, astronaut Peggy Whitson talks about seeing our Earth from a different perspective, and a psychological phenomenon referred to as “the overview effect”. Taken out of the familiar macro routine environment we live in daily, astronauts like Peggy get a unique perspective when they look back at our world. Looking back at our home, astronauts are significantly struck by emotion; feelings we could perhaps call… an indescribable hopeful brightness, an energy made visible… a vibrancy that helps us thrive, learn, be productive, and grow: a joyous delight (?), if we choose to recognise it.

By julesprichards

Anchoring in the shire, with family, friends, coffee and cheese… always looking…

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