Still riding a bike… (Melton Road)

It’s been a while since I wittered about simply “riding my bike” but before it comes to an end here’s a bit about Leicester’s Melton Road Cycleway…

You will know from here: On yer bike! that I’ve taken the decision to ride an even more insouciant route.

I have now moved off the main roads even more and it’s nice. But…

… the bit that takes some patience and tolerance is the bit after Thrummy; a very poorly surfaced and disjunctive cyclepath(?) to Troon Way, and then there’s a horrendous surface of the cyclepath(?) down Melton Road past Rushey Mead School.

This route is the main route from East Goscote, Syston, and Thurmaston into the east of Leicester City. But the facilities for this route as a cycling option for all are poor.  I mean if Mrs Miggins, Mr Chopra, little Jonny and Veena are to ‘ride a bike’ more are they supposed to be attracted by this?

I’ll ask the council etc what their plans are. After all I understand they’d like more people to use the bike as a transport option.

The second part: after 40 seconds in… a horrendous surface of the cyclepath down Melton Road

The first part is not much better: a poorly surfaced and disjunctive cyclepath to Troon Way


I now have compiled a selection of images from this route (26th October 2015) and the Council have been asked about their plans.
They can potentially make what is currently an option for the dedicated laughable minority, into an appealing, healthy, wholesome, people-centred, safe, money-saving, and potentially lifesaving option. People would then have a decision to make?


There is also a link here to higher resolution images of these hazards.

2015-10-26 08.37.39-1


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